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Amazing Nairobi the capital city of kenya


NAI, as many would call it, is one of the most beautiful yet adventurous city to be in Africa or rather in the World. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is lucky to be the only city that boasts of having a National Park in the city  and some of the  main tourist attractions being in the Central Business District, Yes CBD! Cool Right?

Well, as long as wanderlust still exists Nairobi should be in every backpacker’s adventure list and should make them feel as if they are living the dream. While still here, a city tour won’t hurt your pockets as much. Nairobi is also the gateway to the world’s  famous safari parks of Kenya which have captivated thousands of adventure seekers



Open from 6am-7pm, The Nairobi National Park is the most accessible yet incongruous safari experience. A mere 15-drive from the skyscrapers of the city center you can enjoy a classic African wildlife experience. The park is home to the world’s densest  concentration of black rhinos. It also play host to a wide variety of wildlife including  lions, giraffes, buffaloes and diverse birdlife .The park also has space for picnics, bush dinners, weddings or corporate events, hosted at Kingfisher, Impala, Mokoiyet or the historic Ivory Burning Site.



The perfect place for learning about Kenya’s rich cultural heritage and history, the museum is strategically placed not far from the CBD which makes it easily accessible for all. Adjacent to the Museum is The Snake Park which has a serene environment with a spacious compound and a cool breeze, perfect for the visitors . While here, get to see the wide variety of reptiles (live snakes) and identify the different types of snakes. Get equipped with some life saving lessons on how to remove spotted house snakes as well as  some advice on how to reduce possible snake bites within your homes.



I know by now you are tired after your  encounter with the majestic beasts of the Nairobi safari and you’d like to unwind the best way possible. You won’t have any option but to Ice skate at The Panari Sky Center. YES! Ice skating in Nairobi. So cool! Having a one of a kind ice rink which boats to be the only one in East Africa, it can accommodate up to 200 skaters both for learners, teachers and groups. The decoration and the lighting of the whole place will make you want to continue skating and skating and skating.



Before you head home after the adventurous day be sure to pass by several shopping malls and have a shopping experience that will leave you  totally spoilt for choice. Visit shopping malls like Village Market which is East Africa’s  largest shopping, recreation and entertainment destination, Westgate Mall, The Hub Karen, TRM and many others. Enjoy exquisite delicacies, indoor games, spa treatment and a movie in some of the malls.



What a way to end your day! Experience the Nairobi night life and enjoy a locally brewed beer as you listen and feel the  cool and soothing  sound of the African beat.  Dance your fatigue away in the dance flour and sing along to your favorite music in a fun karaoke.

After all this, you’ll definitely have a story to tell about the famous Nairobi City.

Why not take some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy some of these and much more of fun activities in Nairobi. Make the most out of your living!




The best parks/reserves to see lions

In kenya safari bookings we have experienced guides who ensure that our clients have the best experience ever in their lifetime.masai mara game reseve offers the best, with tsavo east national park and nairobi national park among others.visit kenya and have great time...

why visit kenya

Kenya is the home of the wildlife safari, and offers some of the best and most accessible game viewing in the world, including the hard-to-resist attraction of the "Big Five" (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino). These, together with many other animals that are unique to Africa, can be seen at the national parks and game reserves throughout Kenya. Also its very affordable to visit the parks has the park fees has gone down

Awesome place

Have been to masai mara and the place is awesome and always willing to go back there to be with the wild animals

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